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With comprehensive training and a dedicated account manager, CampusLogin makes it easy to unlock your fullest potential

Software Overview

Discover the seamless school management experience offered by CampusLogin‘s advanced Customer Relationship Management & Student Information System platforms, tailored exclusively for post-secondary institutions. Our all-in-one solution optimizes recruitment, simplifies lead and vendor management, and tracks the complete student lifecycle. Gain easy access to admissions, communications, analytics, student finances, and more – all at your fingertips, all in one place!

Personalized Customer Service

During your initial welcome call, your school’s assigned account manager gathers information about your business practices and consults on how CampusLogin can enhance your processes. Your school will be provided a checklist of requirements to set up and configure your account, customized to your departmental needs. Don’t worry: your account manager will be there to assist every step of the way to facilitate the process. Comprehensive training to your stakeholders and users ensures the best use of our CRM and SIS solutions in your day-to-day operations. Contact us today to learn how CampusLogin can help your school reach its full potential!

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our suite of tools simplifies and optimizes lead management with features such as CRM, mass email, vendor logins, automated trickle marketing, and lead filtering. Communicate with vendors, monitor costs, filter leads, and track conversions with one easy click. Explore how CampusLogin can streamline your departments:

Marketing and Advertising

- Top 3 Features -
campuslogin feature -Track all media
Track all media

Incoming leads from various channels are assigned to customized buckets, allowing for strategic dispositioning based on metadata.

campuslogin feature -Track costs
Track costs

Let CampusLogin automatically calculate costs per lead, applicant, tour, student, and more.

campuslogin feature -Track conversions
Track conversions

Lead tracking helps you assess the effectiveness of various media channels to optimize your marketing strategies and budget.

Admissions Pipeline

- Top 3 Features -
campuslogin feature -Automated Call List /Autodialer
Automated Call List /Autodialer

Build automated call lists for your recruitment team based upon specific call policies and auto-dial numbers for easy follow-up.

campuslogin feature -Automated Email / Text Campaign
Automated Email / Text Campaign

Reach out to new leads through automatically scheduled texts and emails.

campuslogin feature -Paperless Document & eSignature
Paperless Document & eSignature

Go paperless and have all official documents signed electronically with CampusLogin’s seamless DocuSign/PandaDoc integration.

Communications Hub

- Top 3 Features -
campuslogin feature -Track all Emails, SMS, Phone Calls
Track all Emails, SMS, Phone Calls

Track, archive and access all communications to provide immediate and seamless engagement for your school’s marketers, recruiters, and others.

campuslogin feature -Track Mass Communication
Track Mass Communication

Evaluate the effectiveness of your messaging and make improvements to your school’s marketing strategies by tracking mass communication.

campuslogin feature -One Click Form to Phone
One Click Form to Phone

Initiate phone calls within an online form with just a single click.


- Top 3 Features -
campuslogin feature -Admissions Conversion Reports
Admissions Conversion Reports

Track and improve the effectiveness of your enrolment process by viewing lead-to-student conversion rates by recruiter and by media.

campuslogin feature -Fully Auditable Reporting
Fully Auditable Reporting

Generate reports that offer transparent and traceable documentation of data and activities for each media source, organized by milestones.

campuslogin feature -Staff Activity Reporting
Staff Activity Reporting

Monitor your staff’s activities to improve productivity, ensure efficient operations and identify areas requiring support and/or training.

CampusLogin equips you with comprehensive CRM training and a devoted account manager for personalized, dependable service at your fingertips.

Student Information System (SIS)

Our SIS includes up-to-date tracking throughout each student’s lifecycle. View communications, grades, attendance records, course transcripts, financing, payments and more, for unparalleled at-your-fingertips access to student information. Explore some of the ways we can help you improve your communication with, and management of, your study body:

Student Management

- Top 3 Features -
campuslogin feature -Student Progress Tracking
Student Progress Tracking

Track the progress of your school’s current students and identify those who are falling below your desired thresholds. View no-shows and dropouts, be alerted to outstanding payments and more.

campuslogin feature -Grades, attendance & finances
Grades, attendance & finances

Track all media costs and have CampusLogin automatically calculate cost per lead.

campuslogin feature -Departmental Dashboards
Departmental Dashboards

Foster transparency, collaboration and communication with departmental dashboards and quickly identify bottlenecks, trends and other areas requiring attention.

Student Finances

- Top 3 Features -
campuslogin feature -Automated invoicing & tax forms
Automated invoicing & tax forms

Simplify your finance department’s operations with automated invoicing and tax form generation.

campuslogin feature -Online payment & funding plans
Online payment & funding plans

Set up convenient payment and financing plans that integrate with your bank so students can pay online.

campuslogin feature -Auto payment reminders/collections
Auto payment reminders/collections

Automate payment management for timely payments and a more efficient collections processes.

Student Portal

- Top 3 Features -
campuslogin feature -Self-serve documents & finances
Self-serve documents & finances

Our full self-serve student portal lets students download their own documents and finances, saving save administrative time and costs.

campuslogin feature -Clock in & out attendance
Clock in & out attendance

Have students sign themselves in and out to track their attendance using a bar code, fingerprint or geo-tracked logins.

campuslogin feature -One-click announcements
One-click announcements

Target all or just key segments of your database for important school announcements, job postings, school policies, surveys and more.

Career Services

- Top 3 Features -
campuslogin feature -Manage employer communication
Manage employer communication

Build a strong network of employers for future job placements, internships and partnerships.

campuslogin feature -Rank top employers
Rank top employers

Rank your school’s top employers to showcase your school’s success, enhance your programs and strengthen school/employer collaborations.

campuslogin feature -Track grad & employment rate
Track grad & employment rate

Track graduate and employment rates to evaluate program success, enhance career services and highlight educational value.

Communications Hub

- Top 3 Features -
campuslogin feature -Track Mass Communication
Track Mass Communication

With just one click, target all or certain segments of your database for surveys, marketing campaigns, important school announcements and more.

campuslogin feature -Track all Emails, SMS, Phone Calls
Track all Emails, SMS, Phone Calls

Track student lifecycle communications, including emails, texts, recorded phone calls, SMS and more.

campuslogin feature -Mail merge fields into documents
Mail merge fields into documents

Let CampusLogin automatically merge fields into documents to save time and ensure accuracy.


- Top 3 Features -
campuslogin feature -Automated reporting
Automated reporting

Customize and automate the delivery of tailored and pre-designed reports directly to your inbox.

campuslogin feature -Data by Recruiter, Program, Source
Data by Recruiter, Program, Source

Gather crucial data insights by recruiter, program, and source.

campuslogin feature -Year by year comparisons
Year by year comparisons

Enable data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement with year-by-year comparisons.


- Top 3 Features -
campuslogin feature -View just the students they teach
View just the students they teach

Track all media costs and have CampusLogin automatically calculate cost per lead.

campuslogin feature -Grades and attendance module
Grades and attendance module

Efficiently manage grades, attendance, outstanding payments, and finances while gaining valuable insights for effective administration.

campuslogin feature -Communicate with students
Communicate with students

Track all media costs and have CampusLogin automatically calculate cost per lead.

CampusLogin equips you with comprehensive CRM training and a devoted account manager for personalized, dependable service at your fingertips.

CRM + SIS Bundle

Experience the effortless integration of CampusLogin’s bundled CRM and SIS tools and reap the benefits of both systems with one unified platform. Our dynamic bundle allows you to manage all aspects of your school’s operations, creating unified collaboration and communication across every department. Find out the many ways in which CampusLogin’s CRM/SIS bundle can help your school:

Reduce Administrative Time & Costs
Features like our self-serve student portal, online payment integration, electronic signatures, vendor logins and comprehensive data back-up provide solutions that maximize your staff’s productivity and frees up valuable administrative time.
Optimize Your Lead Management
Our bundle lets you automatically block leads that don’t meet your requirements, and blocks and regenerates duplicate leads for their original reps. Use one-click follow ups by phone, email or post and track open rates and clickthroughs to bring hot leads to the surface.
Improve Rep Communication
Our bundled solution stores complete communication histories, enabling representatives to review previous calls, emails, SMS, and mass communications before engaging with leads. The stored data can be used while training reps, or help existing reps have targeted, effective conversations with leads.
Powerful Problem-Solving
Stay ahead of any potential issues with ongoing, easily accessible tracking of current students, dropouts, no-shows, outstanding payments and more. Set KPIs to identify students falling below your desired thresholds to mobilize quickly and address concerns before they become problematic.

We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions and show you how CampusLogin can help your school reach its full potential!

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